So now you have built your web. As a little spider you sit in the middle of your creation and smilingly approve of your hard work. But now is the time to start maintaining it. After all, you wouldn't want your prospective clients to fall through the cracks that may appear over time.

Maintenance of your website is a very important part of keeping a succesful online presence and can include the following:


  • keeping up to date the software that powers your site
  • ensuring that your data is continously backed up

Site improvement

  • keeping your content fresh
  • responding to feedback and traffic analysis

Security: updating software & backing up

Keeping up to date the software that powers your site

There have been numerous instances where websites have been hacked into after the software was not kept up to date. Once your site has been hacked, the content of your site can be changed without your knowledge. And this of course can reflect badly on your business. So keeping the software that powers your site up to date is an important aspect of online security.

We have maintenance update packages available for clients who run a CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Symphony, Drupal.

Ensuring that your data is continously backed up

Equally important is ensuring that your data is backed up continuously. Your hosting provider may take care of this (as we do for all our hosted clients). Back ups will enable you to put back online your content in case something goes wrong (such as getting your website hacked). Knowing that your site is fully backed up at regular intervals will give you that little bit extra peace of mind.

Website improvement: analyse your data and keep it fresh

Keeping your content fresh

It is essential to keep both your visitors and search engines supplied with new content. Search engines like to see refreshed and updated content while your clients like to see your content reflect your changing business conditions.

Content editing in larger teams

Working alongside your content editors we can help plan your long term maintenance strategies, provide advice on best practices and improve content editing workflow by training your editors. It is good practice to periodically review your content management processes: for instance, ensuring correct approval processes will help larger teams with their quality control.

Content editing for SEO purposes

Search Engine Optimisation should be considered part of any website's long term strategy. Search engines visit ("crawl") the sites in their queue customarily. Regularly updated content lets your site retain its position in that search engine crawler queue. This basically means that your site will be regularly crawled by the search engine bots and you will have better search engine results rankings.

Examples of regularly updated content

Regularly updated content could include:

  • press releases
  • new testimonials and feedback (this could include negative feedback as this would increase the believability of your offerings)
  • new advertising material/social media campaigns
  • new accreditations
  • product/services specials
  • new accompishments for your business: tack on any new achievements to your portfolio
  • new research
  • changes in your business structure (new appointees, etc)
  • surveys

Structural changes to your website's content

Structural changes — such as keeping your site's information architecture (IA) up to date — will keep your website coherent and easy to navigate. As your site grows your navigation can quickly become unclear to your visitors and affect its usability. We can help develop these sort of bigger changes.

You can spotlight any such structural changes on your home page, so individuals will take in those upgrades when they enter your site through the front door. Additionally, search engines will discover the upgrade when they enter your home page.

Responding to feedback and traffic analysis

You may want to incorporate any suggestions that have been brought forth by your clients or website visitors. They are the ones using your website so their recommendations are usually worthwhile considering.

Similarly, it is good practice to analyse your site traffic and come up with any changes that will improve your return on your investment, increase the number of visitors and convert those visitors into clients. SEO analysis is a very important tool in this aspect.

We can check your site regularly for broken links, ensuring that neither your visitors nor the search engines will be missing your content.